Top Beauty Industry Trends for 2018

If you’re thinking about starting a beauty brand, but worried that the market is oversaturated, think again.
June 4, 2018
Liz Dalton

The UK market alone was worth £9.7 billion in Dec 2017! The key is to spot those gaps in the market so here are some key trends that you need to know about…

  • Vegan beauty - currently growing way ahead of any other beauty category.
  • Natural body-care - our faces are such a small percentage of our overall skin so it’s logical that people will start to invest in natural but clever products for their body.
  • CBD derived from Cannabis, has huge potential as a beauty ingredient.
  • Go green with bio-degradable packaging – it goes without saying that this is hugely important with the focus on reducing plastic waste across the globe.
  • Affordability and transparency – nobody can ignore the impact The Ordinary has on the industry. The prices mean it’s a no-brainer when deciding whether to give it a try.
  • Beauty supplements – the ‘beauty from within’ market is continuing to grow with the addition of drinks that can benefit your skin.
  • Minimal or single ingredient skincare – less is certainly more when it comes to clean beauty.·Skin microbiome -
  • Genderless brands – we all need to look after our skin regardless of gender and there is huge potential to appeal to a generation to whom gender stereotyping is not cool.
  • Pro-age rather than anti-aging – women are turning away from the phrase anti-aging as it’s just so negative and unrealistic. They want to buy into brands that celebrate their age and look after their skin whatever stage of life it is at.
  • Finally, colour is key when it comes to branding and Yellow is the new Millennial Pink!