Top tips for starting a beauty brand

There has never been a better time to start a beauty business.
June 4, 2018
Liz Dalton

The evolution of social media means that reaching your audience is easier and cheaper than ever as you no longer need the huge budgets that big brands spend on media advertising. However, there are some key things to consider before embarking on your beauty journey as it’s by no means an easy ride…

  • Authenticity is KEY. Consumers are talking with their money turning to brands who fit in with their personal ideals. This could be a brand who focuses on natural ingredients, eco packaging, one ingredient, scientific research or clean beauty. It’s no longer good enough to try and appeal to everyone. Choose what you believe in for your brand and communicate your authentic story clearly and concisely. 
  • When starting off, it’s not just your target market that you need to impress. Ensure your pitch communicates your passion and potential to investors AND suppliers. Getting your manufacturer/packaging suppliers to work with you to overcome barriers such as minimum order levels means getting them onboard with your vision.
  • If you have a certain retailer in mind as your dream buyer, make sure you do your research. Know what types of brands they are stocking and ensure your brand reflects the retailer brand personality. Branding is just as important as the product and we always recommend pitching your idea to buyers BEFORE you do a full packaging print run. That way, if they love the product but the branding isn’t quite right, you still have the option to change it. Go to events where you can meet buyers such as Enterprise Nation events, ask them if they have any gaps in their product portfolio and what they’re looking for from a beauty brand.
  • As well as listening to retailer buyers, listen to your customers. Social media has given beauty brands direct dialogue with their customers so the old barriers to market are well and truly gone! Ensure you listen to your followers and adapt your products based on their feedback – create a two-way conversation.
  • Ensure your marketing strategy includes using beauty influencers on social media. Instagram is the platform of choice for beauty brands and likely to give you the highest engagement and ROI on your investment when working with influencers. 
  • Ensure your brand personality and USP is visually communicated through your branding and packaging. Work with designers who are experts in your field as they can guide you through the branding process but also have the technical knowledge of getting your packaging spot on!
  • Be consistent! Ensure that every touch point has the right branding and tone of voice so that your target market knows exactly what to expect whenever they encounter your brand.