Zija International - A healthy digital strategy

How does a brand that doesn’t have a direct relationship with consumers grow its business? We set this client on the right path to creating a social media strategy for healthy growth.
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The Brief

Zija International tasked us with formulating and implementing a digital strategy to increase brand awareness, educate the target market on their health products and ultimately increase sales across their European markets.  

Our Approach

Zija’s chosen business model means it doesn’t own the relationship with the consumer of its cutting-edge health, wellness and beauty products. Instead, it works with hundreds of distributors across Europe; with each distributor operating as a business in its own right, generating repeat sales from existing customers and sales from new customers.

The key to growing Zija’s European business was two-fold; support existing distributors to sell more and increase the number of distributors selling Zija’s products. Following further analysis of the market and discussions with the client, the key platform was social media.

Social Media post aimed at promoting the Zija's Xango Fruit Health Drink (Creative & Photography: Strada Creative)

Our strategy entailed delivering a detailed social media plan over a three-month period that included various types of content and a plan that prescribed exactly which day and time each piece of content should be launched to maximise engagement.

Zija's Ameo Essential Oil Diffuser in action (Creative & Photography: Strada Creative)


Underlying the entire plan was the need to provide high quality content that informed, engaged and ultimately was good enough to be shared. Content came in the form of highly crafted product and lifestyle photography, storytelling through animation, video and written pieces; as well as content created by qualified TV and Media renowned influencers talking about Zija's products. The video below shows Rob Hobson, a celebrity nutritionist talking about Moringa, the key ingredient in many of Zija's products.

The more relevant the content, the better equipped Zija's distributors are to sell. And the more new distributors see that Zija supports its team with quality sales tools, the more they will sign up.

The Result

The result was significant, 223% increase in content shared over that period, with a 400% increase in followers across Zija’s main social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.  During the 3-month period we also saw a steady daily stream of enquiries from potential new distributors.